Sponsorship, support and donation at MVM

Engaging in responsible business practices, the MVM Group is committed to taking a role in supporting and assisting the country, the Hungarian nation and European values in accordance with its economic weight.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is considered as a common value by both the Management and the staff of MVM.

In the spirit of the foregoing, MVM focuses its sponsorship policy on the following areas:

Support of universal and domestic cultural values, including paying special attention to fine and musical art
Our most important cooperation in the field: MVM Concerts (more than 30 classical music concerts a year), Cziffra György Festival, Junior Prima Award and Museum of Fine Arts.



Support of the promotion of knowledge-based society, in particular, for educational and scientific activities and for the upbringing of the new generation and talents.

Our most important cooperation in the field: Corvinus University of Budapest ‒ International Case Competition (2021).



In addition to competition and recreational sports, sporting events of national significance and elite sports, equal and committed support for training young athletes.

Our most important cooperation in the field: Ferencváros Football Club, Kecskemét Basketball Academy, MVM-OSE Lions Basketball, Mári Érdi Olympic sailor, Metropolis Fencing Club, Hungarian Swimming Federation, Athletic Student Olympics and Hungarian Special Olympic Association.



In the area of charitable activities, the main goals are healing, supporting the disadvantaged and the disabled, and improving the quality of life of those living in difficult conditions.

Our special program in the field: A programme called Élménynap (i.e. “The Day of Fun”; about 20 organisations receive grants a year, including the foundations of the most important paediatric institutions).




The Group is committed to a sustainable energy policy and strives for market leadership in renewable energy generation, so it is committed to environmental and innovative initiatives.

Our most important cooperation in the field: TEDx Danubia Countdown Programme 2021 and the Solar Boat Team of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.



Group Communications Directorate, MVM Ltd.