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MVM Balance Ltd. is a subsidiary owned 100% by MVM Ltd.

The legal predecessor of the company (GTER Gas Turbine Power Plant Operation and Maintenance LLC) was established by its founder, MVM Ltd. on 1 October 1999 to perform the management tasks of the back-up gas turbine power plants at Litér, Sajőszöged and Lőrinci (all of them owned by MVM Ltd.), which have a total rated installed capacity of 410 MW and provide system-level services.

Having been responsible fundamentally for the fullfledged and economical operation of the back-up power plants earlier, MVM Balance Ltd. was further assigned with the role to have the developments implemented on the back-up power plants as specified by its owner and in addition to perform the longterm operational task of the power plants owned by MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd. and MVM BVMT Bakony Power Generation Ltd.

Within the scope of operating the cogeneration plant with an installed capacity of 74 MW and 49.98 MW owned by MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd., our company is also responsible for preserving the technical condition of the installed equipment, executing maintenance tasks, and securing the high availability of the plant.

Our company also performs the operation and maintenance tasks of the bakony gas turbine power plant constructed by MVM BVMT Bakony Power Generation Ltd. The power plant, which has a rated electrical capacity of 116 MW and comprises two identical units, performs the tasks of a back-up gas turbine power plant providing system-level services. The company performs its core activities defined by the founder and separated for accounting purposes in an organisational structure matching the set requirements. In addition to meeting energy demand safely, it is a basic requirement to comply with the relevant environmental protection regulations. We pay special attention to monitoring the pollutant emissions of the gas turbine power plants, performed by an accredited laboratory.

The company aims at, by every possible means, increasing the efficiency of operation, enhancing sustainable development,
consistently preventing environmental pollution, adverse environment impacts and waste production,  rationalising the use of resources, and enhancing an environmentally aware approach.

In the development projects relating to energy generation, our goal is to introduce and use new, modern technologies, which allow the increase of energy efficiency and sustainable operation. MVM Balance Ltd. intends to meet the founder’s requirements in every respect and to comply with the regulations relating to its activities, set out in Acts and decrees and set by the authorities and the Group. Our company holds the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates. The Quality and Environmental Management System is integral with the valid provisions of the group-level regulations of the parent company.

Other technical, economic and organisation information about the company is available on the independent website of MVM Balance Ltd.

Address: H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 144-150.  
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MVM CEEnergy Ltd. is serving customer needs since October 1, 2013 as member of the MVM Group, in national property.

Natural Gas Sales

MVM CEEnergy Ltd. is the largest natural gas trader of the Hungarian liberalised gas market. Based on its sales revenue, the Company is one of the largest companies in Hungary. The Company is the most important partner of the MVM NEXT universal natural gas supplier and the Hungarian gas distribution companies in serving household-, small and middle-sized gas consumers and plays a significant role in the large-scale segment as partner of power plants, heat distribution companies and industrial customers. The consumers supplied with natural gas by the Company are the largest companies of Hungary.

Natural Gas Supply
The main target of MVM CEEnergy Ltd. is the security of gas supply, meaning not only the problem-free operation of gas pipelines; it is a much more complex issue. Without a supply portfolio of the right mix and volume, fulfilment of supply security would be a difficult issue. The more natural gas source the Company has, the smallest the gas dependence of Hungary is, thus meaning an increased supply security of the Hungarian gas consumers. The Company is committed towards the long-term, secure natural gas supply of Hungary, and satisfies the requirements of the country from different sources with its long-term supply contracts, some of which are valid until 2015 thus ensuring its customers the advantages of a large and balanced gas supply portfolio.

The Company has plans and proposals in order to provide a sustainable gas supply even in the future, which it intends to develop in co-operation with the affected parties.

Regional involvement

MVM CEEnergy Ltd. is committed to exploiting the new market opportunities inherent in the changing environment in order to increase its regional market presence. Achieving this goal with a 100% shareholding established MFGK Austria GmbH in 2014, MFGK Slovakia s.r.o. in 2015 and a subsidiary in Croatia and the Czech Republic in 2020, further strengthening the market position in the region.

Headquarters: H-1117 Budapest, Irinyi József str. 4-20
Postal Address: H-1117 Budapest, Irinyi József str. 4-20
Telephone Number: +36 1 225-6100
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Greetings from MVM EGI!

MVM EGI is one of the key player in dry cooling with own manufacturing and R&D. We have been providing our medium and large capacity cooling solutions for many decades in the power market (incl. nuclear) and in other industries.

Budapest-based MVM EGI Zrt. Is one of the country's leading energy companies with more than half a century of domestic and international engineering experience. Energy development, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies have over decades been the core principles of our company. 

The company was founded in 1948, was foreign-owned several times, then in December 2020 it was acquired by the Hungarian MVM Group and become 100% owned by the Hungarian government.  

Due to the owner change we are going through a rebranding. This is our permanent website with the main informations about our products and services. In 1. July the company name will change to MVM EGI. 

The company is at the forefront of suppliers of indirect dry cooling systems around the world through continuous product, technology and system development, engineering expertise and professional contract execution. Where power plants are designed, built or operated, they can count on MVM EGI as a partner. We will help your cooling system fit into the environment with safe and seamless operation and will reduce the water consumption of your cooling system by 60-100%.

It will be our pleasure to provide our support in designing the cooling system best suited to your application. 

Address: H-1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 95.
Telephone: (+36-1) 382-4700 or (+36-1) 204-4200
Fax: (+36-1) 204-4198 or (+36-1) 204-4211


MVM ERBE Ltd., Engineering Office of the MVM Group with a 70-year history, prepares, designs and implements projects required for operation of power plants producing electricity heat, electric transmission, distribution networks and provides full-scale engineering services for these tasks.

References include production of conventional high-output energy based on carbon, hydrocarbon and nuclear power, as well as lower-output equipment utilizing mainly renewable sources of energy (wind, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, solar energy, etc.).

We render the following services at various project stages:

I. Project preparation
  • Conceptual planning, studies for making strategic decisions,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Site survey studies,
  • Business plans and financing analyses,
  • Assessment of technical condition

II. Implementation stage

Preparation for implementation:
  • Preparation of basic design documentation,
  • Licencing, permitting,
  • Compilation of tender documentation,
  • Conducting tendering procedures,
  • Supporting contract negotiation
During implementation:
  • Project management,
  • Reviewing and commenting on design documentation,
  • Witnessing and commenting factory acceptance tests,
  • Inspecting and commenting on implemented erection works,
  • Coordination of commissioning procedure,
  • Performing procedures leading to the issuance of PAC

MVM ESCO Ltd. (formerly known as KOM Központi Okos Mérés Zrt.) is a 100% subsidiary of MVM Energetika Zrt. Our mission is to establish the ESCO services of the MVM Group and strengthen our role as a service provider on the Hungarian energy efficiency market.

We make long-term service contracts to build and operate energy efficiency investments to high professional standards.

Our ESCO service covers the following areas:
  • Energy efficiency focused reconstruction of buildings;
  • Construction of renewable electricity and/or heating systems with special emphasis on:
  • Development of solar plants and power storage systems that support the renewable energy production;
  • Fitting cooling/heating heat pump systems to the existing energy supply of a building;
  • Installation of electric vehicle charges;
  • modernization of public and industrial lighting;
  • Construction of heat production units based on solid renewable fuels, primarily in industrial and agricultural environments;
  • biogas production and utilization;
  • Modernization of energy production units and distribution grids of industrial facilities and district heating companies, building cogeneration systems;
  • Integrating the control of the installed technological elements into the remote controlling and monitoring system, the installation and operation of the necessary endpoint elements (smart meters, other network devices).

Our goal is to provide a complex package of energy efficiency services to our industrial and public customers, based on the qualified professionals and the field experience the MVM Group. Our goal is to provide a complex package of energy efficiency services to our industrial and public customers, based on the qualified professionals and the field experience the MVM Group.

Advantages of our ESCO construction:
  • One shop solution: MVM ESCO Zrt. takes responsibility for and manages the entire energy efficiency project from the elaboration of the technical concept through the provision of the finances to operating the equipment on a long-term basis;
  • The Client may implement the necessary energy developments without available financial resources and/or increasing indebtedness;
  • Free on-site survey, technical concept and price offer, as well as looking up possible subsidies;
  • In most cases- under certain conditions - part of the savings from decreasing operating costs can be realized by the customer immediately after the commissioning of the new system;
  • The service contract includes responsibilities closely related to the long-term economical and safe operation of the technology, such as: operation, maintenance, warranty repairs, and remote monitoring;
  • Stable financial background of the nationally owned MVM Group.

Besides the ESCO activities, MVM ESCO Zrt. still serves its customers in connection with its original activity, i.e. the provision of energy efficiency measurement services.

Our energy efficiency measurement service covers:
  • To build and operate smart metering and settlement systems;
  • Building and operating submetering and data collection systems in accordance with the 1/2020. (I. 16.) MEKH decree;
  • Processing measurement data, conducting benchmark studies, periodic reports and making proposals to increase energy efficiency;
  • Measurement-based examination and evaluation of the effectiveness of energy efficiency interventions (plan-fact studies);
  • Measurement design and measurement-based consulting services;
  • To prepare consumption and production schedules.

In addition to our professional services, we also maintain our Smart Grid Model Project, implemented with the support of the Hungarian Government and the European Union, which lays the foundation for the widespread introduction of smart metering and examines related technologies. The infrastructure corresponding to the objectives of the Project has been developed by 2018. This infrastructure provides the basis for energy efficiency measurement services too. In this context:
  • a central public utility measurement and analysis system has been set up to enable the collection and processing of measurement data;
  • with the involvement of our partners, more than 100,000 smart electricity, gas, heat and cost distributor and water meters were installed at consumers;
  • the automated remote access, processing and analysis of data from smart meters has been implemented since 2018. This enables us a more complex analysis of energy consumption profiles than ever before.
  • The consumption data can be processed, aggregated or made available on-line for our partners and users, supporting the conscious energy management of users/operators.

MVM Hotel Panoráma Kft.
Adress: 8313 Balatongyörök Petőfi str.5.
Phone: (+36-1) 83/349-524, 30/552-1632

Operating as a 100% subsidiary of MVM Energetika Zrt.
the main activity of MVM Hotel Panoráma Kft. is hotel services.

The hotel operated by the Company has been operating above average around Lake Balaton for many years. Hotel***+ Panoráma at Balatongyörök surrounded by a park, has a closed parking place, a playground for children, and an indoor playroom what makes your stay even more enjoyable.

Among the 70 rooms there are larger ones with two seperate premises where a whole family can be comfortably accomodated.
Every rooms have seperate air conditions, what can be individually regulated, bathroom,
Wi Fi, hairdryer, refrigerator, room telephone, and tv.  Most of the room has balcony.
Our conference rooms are suitable for business meetings, trainings and conferences.
A rich buffet breakfast, daily menu and a la carte during lunch time and a wide selection of evening buffet enriched with a salad and a dessert buffet are ensured by a high quality of catering.
In the Wellness section a swimming pool, and adventure pool, sauna, infrared sauna, steam cabin, infrared bed, sun terrace awaits our guests; the hotel’s fitness room is equipped with modern cardiofitness machines; our guests can use several massages.
A standing solarium is also provided.

After a specialist examination in the medical department of the hotel, a variety of therapeutic treatments are available: physiotherapy, electrotherapy, iontophoresis, magnetotherapy, individual physiotherapy, balneotherapy, water gymnastics, ultrasound, manual therapy, therapeutic massage.

The hotel's drink bar is available for our guests 0-24 hours. 
Petanque courts, billiards, table football and table-tennis provide opportunities to play.
Wi-Fi access is available and free throughout the hotel.

The beach next to the hotel has a full range of tennis and water sports, a children's pool and a giant slide. We help our guests to explore the area by renting bicycles, organizing excursions and various programs.
Nearby settlements: Keszthely, Hévíz, Badacsony, Tapolca Sümeg, Zalakaros are popular excursion destinations.

Our owner provides additional discounts for the employees of the MVM Group, as announced on our website!

Address: H-7031 Paks, Pf. 110.
Telephone: (+36-75) 501-941
Fax: (+36-75) 507-295

MVMI Ltd., as the member company of MVM Group, entered the Hungarian IT services market in 2005. The main objective of MVMI Ltd. is to provide high-level IT services to the other member companies. The company organises and operates its IT services in accordance with the ITIL recommendations used worldwide. It has developed Service Level Agreements (detailed service descriptions), and it has worked out and implemented the exact measuring and reporting system of the service levels so that thus it could provide high-standard, measured, stable and transparent services to its customers.

The service portfolio of MVMI Ltd., which is based on the most up-to-date technological services, includes all the IT services that can be required by any organisation for administrative purposes.

The most important services provided by MVMI are as follows:
  • Service Desk
  • IT utility-type services (e.g.: e-mail, internet, printing, desktop services, etc.)
  • Services of IT applications (e.g.: SAP)
  • Electronic document management
  • Software and hardware procurements
The two important pillars of providing professional services are the highly qualified experts and the upto-date infrastructure with high availability. MVMI Ltd. now has a staff of nearly 150 highly-qualified experts.

The year 2007, when the company’s ISO 9001 based quality management system was successfully certified, was an important milestone in strengthening the company’s commitment to quality. As a proof of its commitment to environmental protection the company introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

In the services portfolio IT security is considered a top priority issue. Compliance with the safety requirements is continuously being monitored by a number of client companies in the form of operative control and independent audits. In 2009, the company introduced an ISO 27001 information security management system and had it certified.

As the central IT service provider of the MVM Group, MVMI Ltd., has all the necessary experience, a reliable circle of subcontractors trusted by the market, and partners with appropriate project management and consultation expertise, that are required for successfully outsourcing the IT services of any organisation, providing and developing new services.

Address: H-3531 Miskolc, Tatár u. 29/b.
Telephone: (+36-46) 501-280
Fax: (+36-46) 501-289

MVM MIFŰ Miskolc District Heating Power Plant Ltd. was established by MVM Ltd. and Miskolc Heat Supply Ltd. on 26.07.2002. with an initial capital of HUF 80,000,000. In order to provide the company’s own contribution to power plants implemented under project financing, the capital has been increased several times over the years.

The primary capital of the company is currently HUF 5,091.72million.

Ownership structure:
MVM Ltd.: 99.6%
MIHŐ Ltd.: 0.4%
MVM MIFŰ Miskolc District Heating Power Plant Ltd. supplies heat in addition to cogenerated electricity in four heat districts in the city of Miskolc: Central Miskolc, Avas, Diósgyőr and Bulgárföld, as well as at the Tatár utca Heating Plant without cogenerated electricity.
In 2012, the heat output was 1,250 TJ and the cogenerated power output was 180,000 MWh. With this output, the company meets the heating and domestic hot water demand of 32,000 homes and other consumers in Miskolc.
In 2013, the supply of geothermal energy to the heating system in Avas began, therefore, the volume of both electricity and heat generation decreased.
The total headcount of the company is 45, who operate the five generation units described below.

Capacity and characteristic main technical data of the facilities
mifu_02The Miskolc Hold utca CCGT (Combine Cycle Gas Turbine) Plant cogenerates heat and electricity. The commercial operation of the plant started on 1 December 2007. The installed electrical capacity of the CCGT plant is 39.6 MWe and its installed heat capacity is 33.9 MWth. The SGT 700 gas turbine made by Siemens has an electrical capacity of 29 MW, while the SST 300 steam turbine made by Siemens has an electrical capacity of 11 MW. At rated capacity, the natural gas consumption of the CCGT plant is 9,000 m3/h.

The Miskolc Tatár utca Small Gas Engine Power Plant has five TBG 632 V16K gas engines made by DEUTZ AG. The installed electrical capacity of the Tatár utca small gas engine power plant is 19.5 MWe and its installed heat capacity is 21 MWth. The electrical capacity of each gas engine is 4.85 MWe and their heat capacity is 4.268 MWth. The commercial operation of the power plant started on 20 October 2003. At rated capacity, the natural gas consumption of each gas engine is nearly 1,000 m3/h.

The Miskolc Diósgyőr Small Gas Engine Power Plant has one TBG 632 V16K gas engine made by DEUTZ AG. The installed electrical capacity of the Diosgyőr small gas engine power plant is 3.9 MWe and its installed heat capacity is 1.15 MWth. The electrical capacity of the gas engine is 4.85 MWe and its heat capacity is 4.268 MWth. The commercial operation of the power plant started on 27 November 2003. At rated capacity, the natural gas consumption of the gas engine is almost 1,000 m3/h.

The Miskolc Bulgárföld Small Gas Engine Power Plant has one TBG 620 V12 gas engine made by DEUTZ AG. The installed electrical capacity of the Bulgárföld small gas engine power plant is 1.05 MWe and its installed heat capacity is 1.15 MWth.

The commercial operation of the power plant started on 22 January 2004. At rated capacity, the natural gas consumption of the gas engine is about 270 m3/h.

The Miskolc Tatár utca Heating Plant has two PTVM 50 hot water boilers with 58 MWth capacity each, and two PTVM 100 boilers with 116 MWth capacity each. These boilers generate the heat over the cogeneration capacity required to meet the heat demand of the city of Miskolc. The boiler plant was established in the 1970s.
MVM Optimum Zrt. is a member company of MVM Group, a company 100% directly owned by MVM Zrt.

MVM Optimum Zrt. unites holds together products and services built on innovative energy-efficiency and renewable energy sources that extend beyond the role of a traditional utility provider. As a modern, innovative company, it endeavours to find environmentally conscious, cost-effective and competitive solutions to the energy challenges of our era. It supports residential, business and municipal customers as their expert partner in the modernisation of their energy supply, the rationalisation of their use of electricity and heat energy, as well as the achievement of their development goals aimed at increasing energy efficiency. MVM Optimum Zrt. is a mentor in energy efficiency for a cleaner and greener future.

Address: H-1158 Budapest, Körvasút sor 105.
Telephone: (+36-1) 414-3200
Fax: (+36-1) 415-5815

MVM OVIT Ltd., as a member of the MVM Group, has the widest scope of activities in the Hungarian energy industry. The Company has performed the construction, maintenance and development of high-voltage power lines and transformer stations for six decades. Traditionally the activities of MVM OVIT Ltd. has been basically connected to the Hungarian national grid and power plants, but it also regularly concludes contracts with domestic electricity supply companies, railway undertakings, large industrial consumers and foreign ordering parties for completing construction, maintenance, renewal and development assignments.

The scope of operations of the Company covers the entire area of Hungary; it has sites in several regions of the country and has about 1600 employees. MVM OVIT Ltd. performs its activities and extensive qualified businesses in a market-oriented system.

Strategic business areas
  • planning, construction, expansion and reconstruction of power lines and substations
  • construction of overhead wires for railway electrification
  • maintenance, investment and establishment of power plants
  • manufacture of power equipment machinery
  • manufacture of industrial steel structures
  • operation of the power supply systems of industrial establishments
  • transportation of special large and heavy goods by road, rail and ship
  • specialist services
  • manufacture of low-voltage auxiliary equipment
  • operation, installation and renewal of telecommunications networks

Address: H-7031 Paks, Pf. 71.
Telephone: (+36-75) 505-000
Fax: (+36-1) 355-1332

As well as being the single biggest producer of energy in the Hungarian power generation industry (more than 45% of the national total), Paks Nuclear Power Plant is also Hungary’s only nuclear power plant. Besides, its operation is safe, economical and environmental friendly. For this reason it is important, that due to the lifetime extension programme the plant will be able to ensure the security of energy supply for a further 20 years.

Paks Nuclear Power Plant was the single biggest investment in Hungary in the 20th century. Due to the power uprate programme, the power plant’s capacity is 2000 MW (megawatt) now. Thus, the power plant is the key player in the power generation in Hungary. Compared to other power plants, the nuclear power plant is more environmental friendly, as it does not emit carbon-dioxide and in this way, saves nearly as much oxygen each year as is produced by all the forests in Hungary; more or less equal to the amount of oxygen inhaled annually by the population of the country. As a result, Paks Nuclear Power Plant is not only an economical necessity for the region, but also in terms of environmental friendliness and power production.

The main characteristics of nuclear energy are that it is a cheap, safe and a clean method of producing electric energy. Cheap, because this is the nations most economical power plant, producing 1 kWh at the price of 12.28 HUF; clean, because during production there are no carbon-dioxide emissions, or any other harmful by-products to the environment and that the storage of spent fuel, as well as other radioactive wastes has been resolved safe, due to the fact that there are regular independent peer reviews and continuous technological improvement programmes to ensure its reliability and durability. The nuclear power plant is the key component of the security of energy supply: it has the capacity to meet the demands of supply through storing enough fuel assemblies to guarantee 45% of the energy needs of Hungary for two whole years.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant meets the safety requirements of nuclear power plants of its age within the European Union in all respects. In order to meet the energy demands of the country, the management of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. decided to have the service life of the power plant extended by 20 years to 2032 – 2037 respectively. Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has granted permission for the 1st unit to have its operational life extended. In 2013, the lifetime extension application of the 2nd unit has to be submitted.

paks_02MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. is the biggest employer in the area. The company provides jobs for more than 2500 employees. What is more, when considering the number of subcontractors and the families that are supported as a result, the number of inhabitants benefitting in the long term from the operation of Paks Nuclear Power Plant in the area runs in to about ten thousand. As well as having been a viable economic force in the region for over thirty years, the nuclear power plant also fulfils an important social role. The power plant has proved to be an essential supporting partner for sports, education, health and cultural institutions. It is important for the company to be seen as a supporting force in society. Surveys carried out every year, overwhelmingly show that 70% of the population of Hungary agree that we need a nuclear power plant.

In the Competition for the Family Friendly Workplace announced by Ministry of Human Resources, the application of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. was granted with the title of „Family Friendly Workplace” in the Large Scale Enterprise category.
About Us

MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd. (MVM Partner Ltd.) is the only electricity wholesale company of the most important Hungarian-owned electricity group, the MVM Group, which is a key player in the Hungarian energy market due to its dynamic development.

Since its establishment on 5 September 2002, the company has been active in trading on both domestic and foreign electricity markets. As the largest electricity wholesaler on the domestic market, which has the largest portfolio of generators, MVM Partner Ltd. contributes in a number of ways to provide continuous electricity supply in Hungary. The company is the key supplier of the Hungarian universal service providers (USP) in the electricity market and also takes a role in regional electricity trade bordering Hungary.

In accordance with the long-term strategy of the MVM Group, MVM Partner Ltd. has been performing the sole electricity wholesale tasks of the Group since April 2020. From the outset, the company has been an active participant in this market and, through its remarkable generation portfolio in Hungary, it has become an increasingly key player in this segment over the years. The company is active in trading throughout Europe and is listed on a number of European stock exchanges and OTC markets through its headquarters in Budapest, thus providing the possibility of quick responses to price changes also at international level. Its trading activities serve as a link between generation, retail and the wholesale markets.

The company’s competencies are:
  • managing risk exposure arising from the power plant and the Group’s retail portfolio;
  • meeting the emerging needs of wholesale partners on both energy exchanges and OTC markets;
  • optimising the MVM Group’s and contracted assets on the commodities market;
  • engaging in trading activities on its own account in some 16 countries on European electricity markets as well as involving emission quotas and carbon trading;
  • the main framework for the company’s trade in commodity market products is provided by its advanced risk management tools.

MVM Partner Ltd. has the largest balance group on the electricity market in Hungary. The Hungarian market balance group includes large power plants, small power plants, renewable generators, consumers and traders. In addition, the company or its subsidiaries hold trading licences and operates balance groups in a total of 16 countries outside Hungary in the European region. MVM Partner Ltd. does not directly supply electricity to consumers abroad, i.e. it carries out only wholesale activities.

By providing ancillary services for the Hungarian Transmission System Operator, the company makes a major contribution to the stable operation of the Hungarian power system and to the uninterrupted power supply.
Ever since it entered the market, in addition to attaining its economic objectives, MVM Partner Ltd. has been striving to provide help to needy groups of society. It pays particular attention to embracing children, the sick and the disadvantaged, to improving their living conditions, supporting paediatrics, culture and sport, and educating children and young people to lead healthy lifestyles.

The strategic goals of the national electricity wholesale company of MVM Hungarian Electricity Company Limited Shares were to play an active role in the competitive market opening up on 1 January 2003, to maintain its strong domestic market position and to strengthen its participation in regional electricity trade.
To this end, in the first half of 2001, the Consumer Sales Department was established within the organisation of the Trade Directorate of MVM Ltd., on 5 September 2002 MVM Partner Energy Trading Company Limited by Shares was established with a registered capital of HUF 50 million, and on 1 January 2003 it began its actual operation on the partially opened Hungarian electricity market.

The company, which was established by the merger of the two trading subsidiaries of the MVM Group, MVM Partner Ltd. and MVM Trade Ltd., on 1 July 2012, continued its activities under the name MVM Partner Ltd. The national energy holding made a decision at the end of 2019 to reorganise its electricity and natural gas retail operations in order to achieve uniform customer service. As part of this, the competitive retail business units were transferred from MVM Partner Ltd. to NKM Energy Ltd. until April 2020.

Established in 2016, as the first Hungarian energy incubator house, it helps startups with a variety of supports: taking advantage of the unique opportunities arising from the MVM Group, it puts a wide range of knowledge, experience and relationships at the service of startups. Over the years, however, its activities have gone beyond those of a classic incubator house. In addition to incubation, Smart Future Lab is involved in the professional management of innovation events (such as hackathons, meetup series, employee idea development programmes) and also performs product development tasks both inside and outside the MVM Group, thus it has become a full-fledged innovation service provider.
Those we have helped already are HeatVentors Ltd., Smart Charging Ltd., Drone Technologies Ltd., E-flag Ltd., Volteum Ltd. and Meter Solutions Ltd.
Further details:

MVM Edison
The aim of the competition is to embrace innovative ideas in the field of energy, which can offer solutions to real problems, can make the everyday lives of users easier and can make the operation of the energy sector more efficient. During the MVM Edison startup competition, we are looking for the innovative and creative development ideas regarding energy and energy awareness of startups, spinoffs, small and medium-sized enterprises, higher education students and individuals. During the final, the teams participating in the competition will take part in an 8-week development programme organised by Smart Future Lab, the fundamental element of which is customer focus and needs assessment. During the four MVM Edison programmes organised, nearly 500 entries have been received, making it one of the largest startup competitions in Hungary.
Further details:

MVM XPert Zrt.
H-1158 Budapest, Rákospalotai Körvasút sor 105.
Phone: +36-1 414-3200

MVM XPert Zrt. (legal predecessor: MVM OVIT National Power Transmission Line Ltd.) undertakes its operations as a well-known and recognised member of the integrated group of national energy companies – the MVM Group. Its fundamental mission – in line with that of the group of companies – is to serve priority customers within the group of companies, power supply companies and large industrial consumers, to be ready to eliminate operating problems on the lines and at the substations any day of the week, and to contribute to the implementation of construction-erection activities, maintenance and – eventually – operation of the transmission and main distributor network system components.

As an affiliate of the MVM Group, MVM XPert Zrt. is a company within the scope of bodies and facilities covered by the umbrella of national security measures.

Scope of activities

Power Line Division Directorate
• power line construction
• power line standardization, reconstruction, renovation (base, column, wire)
• power line maintenance
• corrosion protection and painting works of power lines
• power line deflections
• troubleshooting power line malfunctions
• provision of temporary (provisional or emergency) power line poles
• establishment of OPGW, ADSS and MASS networks
• (complete) power line design
• static tests on power lines
• power line engineering services
• special tests on power lines
• on-call system


Substation Division Directorate
• substation design
• substation architectural design
• electrical installation of high and medium voltage substations
• diagnostics, engineering services
• electrical equipment for power plants
• installation of low, medium and high voltage systems for industrial installations
• manufacture of electrical technology cabinets and switchgear
• maintenance of electrical equipment in substations, power plants and industrial installations
• maintenance and commissioning activities
• emergency response, on-call system


Address: H-1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 207-209.
Telephone: (+36-1) 304-23-95 or (+36-1) 304-23-17
Fax: (+36-1) 202-60-95 or (+36-1) 202-15-28

As proof of sustainable development and its environmental awareness, the MVM Groupset as a priority objective in its medium-term strategy the participation of the National Power Company in the utilisation of renewable energy sources in Hungary.

hun_01On the basis of these principles, MVM Green Generation Limited Liability Company  owns eight wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 23 MW located in the vicinity of Sopronkövesd and Nagylózs in Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

The main activities of MVM Green Generation are electricity generation and its sale under Mandatory Power Purchase System (KÁT) operated by MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd. Our Company has been contributing to the expression of the commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection since March 2008. The utilisation of wind energy is free from pollutants, and no wastewater, radioactive waste, dust or ash is produced during electricity generation. It is inexhaustible, renewable and is made available to us by nature.

The wind park of MVM Green Generation comprises seven 3 MW and one 2 MW V90 turbines made by the market leading Danish company, VESTAS, with a total installed capacity of 23 MW. The towers soar to a height of 105 metres. An entire wind turbine weighs up to 385 tonnes. The blades are made of glass and carbon fibre reinforced epoxide, each weighs more than 6.5 tonnes and measures more than 44 metres in length, thus the diameter of the rotor, together with the 2-metre diameter of the central main axle, reaches 90 metres! At the top of the tower, a what is called nacelle houses a complete hydraulically operated nacelle-turning and blade angle adjustment mechanism with a pressure of 260 bar, a drive unit comprising two planetary and one spiral stages and providing a gear ratio of 1:104 and a generator.

hun_02The towers are connected by a 20 kV underground cable in two circuits, which are connected to the 120 kV main line in a separate substation constructed for the park. Depending on the wind direction, the entire nacelle is capable of turning around the axis of the tower to face the most favourable wind direction (hydraulic driving). The blades are braked by a brake system operating on the principle of aerodynamics and mechanics. The measurement of wind direction and speed is ensured by a high-precision anemometer working on the principle of acoustic resonance. The quantity of electricity generated depends on the wind conditions; the power plant is capable of generating electricity in the wind speed range of about 14 to 90 km/h.

Its operation does not require a permanent staff on site. The wind park has remote regulation and control and online monitoring systems. All important parameters of the park can be monitored and documented with certainty by means of these systems.
Activities of MAVIR Ltd.
Following the continued General Assembly of MVM Ltd. held on 23rd December 2005, the Board of Directors passed a resolution on the transfer of the company's transmission activities and the related assets to MAVIR Ltd. With this resolution, as a key element of MVM's Medium-Term Business Strategy, the Hungarian Transmission System Operator was established within the MVM Group on 1st January 2006.

With the establishment of the Hungarian Transmission System Operator, MVM Ltd. has taken a significant step in the process of establishing an integrated national electricity company group. The establishment of the TSO increases the security of electricity supply via a uniform management of transmission network assets and tasks and the simplification of complex internal regulations resulting from the previous fragmented operation. At the same time, the unique position of the Transmission System Operator within the MVM Group guarantees the independence of system operation from market participants in a transparent and non-discriminative manner, which is required both by European Union and Hungarian legislation in order to protect the market. The legal framework of the ITO model, which ensures the simultaneous realisation of benefits arising from integrated operations and compliance with unbundling rules, in accordance with the EU directive, was laid down by the Hungarian Parliament in a legislative amendment passed at the end of 2009. The changeover took place in 2012.

Accordingly, MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd. (MAVIR Ltd.), on the basis of a Transmission System Operator’s license received from the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority,
  • provides for a reliable, efficient and secure operation of the Hungarian electricity system including required reserve capacities of generation and transmission;
  • controls and augments the assets of the transmission system, performs all renewal, maintenance and development activities required for a proper and reliable electricity supply;
  • ensures an undisturbed operation and further extension of the electricity market and the balance group system supporting the market, and ensures access for system users on equal terms;
  • synchronizes the operation of the Hungarian electricity system with the neighbouring systems;
  • coordinates professional international cooperation activities;
  • prepares the network development strategy and puts forward proposals for the development of the generation pool.

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Flogiston Kft. was inaugurated in 1990, it is located in Szentendre, Hungary. 

The company’s main activities are the following: 
manufacturing residential gas meters
refurbishment and calibration of residential, industrial (diaphragm, rotary and turbine type) gas meters, pressure regulators and gas volume converters
retail sales of residential and industrial gas meters, gas pressure regulators, gas volume converters and spare parts for these devices.

Flogiston has more than 30 years expertise in manufacturing and repair of equipment in the gas industry. Our personnel is continuously receiving training from the largest gas meter manufacturers. As the company is a joint venture between MVM Next and Itron (formerly J.B. Rombach, Schlumberger, and Actaris), we are having continuous technical support for Itron products.


Industrial gas pressure regulators (ITRON, ACTARIS, Schlumberger, Rombach):
  • installation on site,
  • examination and repair on site,
  • repair (warranty or paid),
  • calibration.

Residential and industrial diaphragm gas meters (all types):
  • repair,
  • full calibration service (providing a replacement meter, dismounting, mounting, transporting of the gas meter, coordination with the gas supplier).

Rotary and turbine gas meters (all types):
  • installation on site,
  • examination and repair on site,
  • repair (warranty or paid),
  • on-site installation 
  • repair,
  • full calibration service (providing a replacement meter, dismounting, mounting, transporting of the gas meter, coordination with the gas supplier).

Gas volume converters (all types):
  • installation and configuration on site,
  • examination and repair on site (incl. Li-Ion battery replacement),
  • reading database on-site,
  • repair,
  • full calibration service (providing a replacement device, dismounting, mounting, transporting of the device, coordination with the gas supplier).


Our calibration laboratory is accredited by the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest. In our laboratory, we offer the following services:
Calibration of:
  • Residential and industrial diaphragm gas meters (G2,5 – G65),
  • Rotary and turbina gas meters (G16 -G4000),
  • Electronic gas volume converters,
  • Vortex and Annubar flow meters,
  • Air flow meters (for air-conditioning systems).

Flogiston is also the authorized repair service provider for Itron (formerly ACTARIS Metering Systems, Schlumberger Industries and  J.B. Rombach GmbH) products.

innogy Česká republika a.s. is a leading energy company in the Czech Republic. As a market leader in natural gas supply and the most successful alternative supplier in electricity, innogy CR supplies 1.6 million customers with energy and energy-related innovative services. In addition to gas and electricity supplies, innogy CR produces heat and electricity in heating plants across the country with an annual heat production of 900,000 GJ. Aside from the core business innogy CR focuses on clean mobility, photovoltaics and energy management services. With a nationwide network of 60+ filling stations, own CNG technology production and more than 10 million kg CNG sold annually with a 15% share of Biomethane, innogy is a strong market leader. The company provides e-mobility solutions as well. innogy CR is also building up a solid position in the fast-growing solar power plants market. The company employs 1,500 highly skilled people and the innogy brand is known to more than 90% of the Czech population.


Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd.

Today, natural gas is the most important energy source in Hungary: its share among the primary energy sources exceeds 40%. Underground gas storage facilities play a key role in meeting peak winter demand and creating and maintaining security of supply, since on a colder winter day, most of the natural gas supply in the country comes from gas storage facilities.

As the largest commercial natural gas storage company in Hungary, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. operates four underground gas storage facilities with a total working gas capacity of 4.43 billion m3 and a daily withdrawal capacity of 49,8 million m3. With this, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. is the largest storage service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s mission is to provide competitive solutions and innovative services as well as reliability and convenience to its business partners.

As a member of the MVM Group, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. fully complies with its tasks set out in the National Energy Strategy in order to guarantee the security of supply of domestic retail and industrial consumers.

Natural gas storage facilities

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. has four underground gas storage facilities, where it stores natural gas in depleted natural gas fields (gas-holding geological formations, gas fields).

Underground gas storage facilities owned by Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. and their capacities:


Address: 7030 Paks, Gagarin utca 1.
Postal address: 7031 Paks, Pf.:152
Phone: (+36-75) 501-701
Fax: (+36-75) 501-791

The main function of National Business Services Ltd. is to provide financial, accounting and HR administration services of a high standard for the companies of the MVM Group.

The Company lays special emphasis on ensuring the performance of its services in a predefined way, within a standard framework, and guaranteeing their transparency and verifiability.

The service model between the company and the members of the MVM Group is based on a client relationship between the parties, which is regulated in the service contracts on the division of work, liability, agency fee, etc.

The company has been providing financial and accounting services to its Clients since 1 April 2006 and HR services since 1 January 2007:

Financial processes
  • Provision of Treasury services
  • Conducting money transactions (bank)
  • Entry of supplier invoices in the books, handling of current accounts
  • Invoicing, entry of customer invoices in the books, handling of current accounts
Accounting and administrative processes
  • General ledger bookkeeping
  • Settlement and keeping records of changes in, and the depreciation of, the portfolio of tangible and intangible assets
  • Performance of taxation tasks
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  • Drafting of the statutory reports and accounts of the member companies and support of the drafting of the consolidated and international reports of the MVM Group
HR administration processes
  • Keeping of staff records
  • Performance of payroll accounting and related taxation tasks
  • Performance of social insurance payment office tasks
  • Cafeteria services (obtaining statements from employees, settlement and provision of benefits)
  • HR controlling support services
SAP user competence centre
  • Support of SAP users, development and training