Gas Storage

Today, natural gas is the most important energy source in Hungary: its share among the primary energy sources exceeds 40%. Underground gas storage facilities play a key role in meeting peak winter demand and creating and maintaining security of supply, since on a colder winter day, most of the natural gas supply in the country comes from gas storage facilities.

As the largest commercial natural gas storage company in Hungary, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. operates four underground gas storage facilities with a total working gas capacity of 4.43 billion m3 and a daily withdrawal capacity of 49,8 million m3. With this, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. is the largest storage service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s mission is to provide competitive solutions and innovative services as well as reliability and convenience to its business partners.

As a member of the MVM Group, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. fully complies with its tasks set out in the National Energy Strategy in order to guarantee the security of supply of domestic retail and industrial consumers.

Natural gas storage facilities

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. has four underground gas storage facilities, where it stores natural gas in depleted natural gas fields (gas-holding geological formations, gas fields).

Underground gas storage facilities owned by Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. and their capacities: