MVM has won the CSR Hungary Award with its Élménynap
12. 12. 2019

The Hungarian Business Responsibility Award, the CSR Hungary Award, recognised the Élménynap initiative of MVM Ltd. in the Common Causes – Joint Responsibilities category. The aim of the event, which has been organised for 12 years, is to provide an unforgettable experience for chronically ill and disadvantaged children and children with disabilities and reduced mobility. Furthermore, organisations and foundations supporting children’s development, education and recovery can receive significant support from the executives of the Group on this day. Over the past 12 years, MVM Ltd. and MVM Partner Ltd. supported the education, healing and development of children with a total of more than HUF 800 million in connection with the Élménynap, and hosted nearly 10,000 children at the event.

With the help of the Élménynap, children can forget about their worries for a day and can have fun without any cares with the active participation of a volunteer team consisting of the employees of MVM Ltd. and MVM Partner Ltd. The programme also treats it as a priority goal to bring people with disabilities and challenges closer to society as a whole, in line with the social goals of the MVM Group, to support the next generations, to develop children in distress and to facilitate their recovery. The programme is particularly popular among the employees: nearly 100 employees of MVM Ltd. and MVM Partner Ltd. help the success of the event as volunteers every year.

The Élménynap has become a tradition over 12 years, and the programme has become an integral part of the corporate culture of the MVM Group. The initiative of the MVM can also set an example for economic decision-makers and other responsible companies, which feel obliged to support the upcoming generations. The CSR Hungary Award, which has been awarded since 2008, recognises just such programmes since it rewards the work of responsible companies leading in sustainable operations, which can set an example to other actors in business life with their corporate social responsibility.