Sponsorship, support and donation at MVM

MVM Group is - demonstrating responsible business conduct - committed to assume a role corresponding to its economic weight in supporting and promoting the country, the Hungarian people and European values.

Both the management and the employees of MVM view the social responsibility program as a shared value.

In this spirit, MVM's support policy is focusing on the following areas:

The aim is to promote universal and national cultural values, with particular attention to the visual arts and music.
Arts / MVM Concerts, György Cziffra Festival, Junior Prima, Museum of Fine Arts 

Every year, 33 concerts are performed in the MVM’s classical music concert series. Having been organized jointly with the Jakobi Concert for two decades, the production features a colorful array of top Hungarian and foreign musicians, performing in magnificent venues such as the Liszt Academy and MÜPA.

In addition to classical music, the Cziffra György Festival is remarkable in the events offered in Hungarian cultural life for its diversity of genres and performers. In addition to our outstanding Kossuth and Liszt Prize-winning artist János Balázs, actors, visual artists, creative artists, and renowned performers offer varied and sophisticated entertainment to the participants year after year.

The Junior Prima Award was hatched to lift fledging young talents, and MVM is a founding sponsor and has been a supporter from the very beginning. The Junior Prima Prize aims to provide a significant incentive to the key personalities of the future.

A series of events have been taking place for many years in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, starting with the colorful "Museum +" program, continuing in the summer months with the intimate Wednesdays’ Wine events, including the Hungarian National Gallery, and finally - in the last third of the year - concluding with a major exhibition, El Greco in 2022 and Renoir in 2023.

All year, the Opera House invites young people to MVM OperaKaland (MVM Opera Adventure) and MVM Piccolo programs. Exceptional performances such as "Don Quixote", "Stephen the King", "Swans' Lake" and "The Bell" will be staged. It's almost impossible to choose from this year's abundant selection. MVM is delighted to support these excellent performances. The said student performances are accessible to visitors from all over the country, who can buy tickets for a nominal fee, allowing the program to reach out to audiences in the capital and nationwide, including local communities. MVM aims to introduce the young generation to the genres of opera and ballet and to make them enjoy these. 



The aim is to support the promotion of a knowledge-based society, with a focus on education and scientific activities, to nurture the emerging generation and talent.

Education, Science / International Case Competition

The recent sponsorship of the "International Case Competition" case study competition aimed to nurture the emerging generation and talent. The international restricted competition, organized by Corvinus University of Budapest and Case Solvers, brought together teams from the most outstanding and competitive international universities, from Canada, across Europe, to China. After a month of research and preparation, the teams worked for 24 hours to complete the challenge. Working together, they learned about the Group's current operations and key strategic direction; and then gave presentations on the work they made for the contest. Representatives and managers from the MVM Group as members of the jury witnessed the emergence of the young talents.

The ambitious team of students from the Budapest University of Technology, Solar Boat has benefited from MVM’s support for many years. Their goal is to design, build, and continuously improve a solar-powered, human-driven, all-electric racing boat; and to race the boat locally and at international venues as well as to present it to professional forums. The team has participated in competitions year by year. In August 2023, they participated in the first Hungarian Balaton Solar Boat Challenge in Balatonalmádi, with outstanding success. During the competition, their boat managed to cover the longest distance ever, which was 40 kilometers. In total, they covered nearly 100 km during the week of the race, powered purely by solar energy. The racers were proud to report that the boat performed reliably throughout and that the improvements made over the previous year had significantly upped their performance, with reports of 50 to 60% more drive than before.

We have also been cooperating with the Hungarian Physics Students' Association for several years, and the Group has supported the implementation of their "TISK" program on several occasions.



Equal and committed support for competitive and mass sports, sporting events of national importance; and youth education in addition to professional sports.

Sports / 360-degree sports representation

In the field of sports, the Group's CSR activities are particularly diversified.

It has been supporting the Ferencváros Gymnastics Club for several years and is committed to helping the club in football, handball, water polo, kayak canoeing, fencing, and many other sports. The excellent results achieved in recent years are milestones not only for the club but also in the life of Hungarian sports.

MVM pays special attention to youth education in the fields of competitive and mass sports. The Basketball Academy of Kecskemét was granted support in 2021. More than 600 children play basketball at the Academy, which has 22 teams and 16 preparatory and basketball trainee groups and is one of the most outstanding professional associations in the country. Another pride of the Group in this field is the MVM-OSE Lions. The eponymous sponsorship, launched in the autumn of 2021, will ensure a sustainable future and continuous development for the leading basketball association in Komárom-Esztergom County.

Mári Érdi, Hungary's most successful female sailing racer, also has the MVM logo on her sail. The outstanding athlete won the 2023 World Championship and by doing this she made Hungary the first nation to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The scope of our program is further expanded by the support of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, the Student Athletics Olympics, and the Hungarian Special Olympic Association, and a lot more could be said about the many inspiring cooperations, competitions, and activities for athletes that MVM supports.



In the area of charitable activities, the main objectives are to provide medical care, and support for the disadvantaged and disabled and to improve the quality of life of people in difficult circumstances.

Charitable Activities / Élménynap (Day of Experience)

One of the most motivating and wide-ranging charitable activities is our Élménynap program (Day of Experience), which the Group has organized every year since 2011. MVM employees also contribute to its implementation through their volunteer work. The aim of our Élménynap event (Day of Experience) is to provide an unforgettable experience for children with long-term illnesses, intellectual disabilities, mobility problems, and healthy but disadvantaged children. Every year, in addition to the event, around 20 organizations are supported, including foundations of the most important pediatric institutions and the most outstanding professionals working for children's health, with activities as varied as early development, equestrian therapy, and a "guardian angel service" who make the dreams of recuperating children, come true.

In addition to the above-mentioned program, numerous individual grants and donations also serve charitable purposes, helping people in need nationwide. On several occasions, MVM has helped children in state care or foster care; it has fulfilled the wishes of seriously ill children, thus helping them to recover; and the list of grants could go on.




The Group is committed to a sustainable energy policy and strives to be a market leader in renewable energy production, and is therefore committed to innovative initiatives to protect the environment.

Environment / TEDxDanubia Countdown

The TEDx Danubia Countdown 2021 program was organized with the professional support of MVM, and it focused on climate change mitigation, community collaboration, environmental education of young generations, and future planning. Its two pillars were the "Action Circles" and "Future Design" program elements. Action Circles was designed to bring communities together, actively drawing young people to activities aimed at sustainable development and climate change mitigation. The Future Design program opted to fight climate change anxiety, one of the fastest-growing epidemics among young people. The program engaged children in the process of thinking and problem-solving about the future; and gave them tools, methodologies, and support on the way to building a sustainable and viable world together. The activity has gained international recognition with the award of the "SCI-FI Future Design Program for Youth" element of the program, winning second place in the 2021 ExO Awards Open category. This is the first time that a Hungarian victory has been achieved in this prestigious international competition. 

The 4th GreenTech Zalaegerszeg Green Energy and Sustainability Exhibition, sponsored by MVM, has opened its doors once again. The exhibition covers topics such as energy strategy, environmental protection, circular economy, mobilization, and the subject of hydrogen. The event was attended by companies, professional entities, and institutions related to their industries, as well as educational institutions, local government and cabinet officials, and students participating in career guidance programs and higher education.


Mátra Energy Regional Development Foundation

The Mátra Energy Regional Development Foundation was established by MVM Energetika Zrt. and MVM Mátra Energia Zrt., as the Founders.

The goal of the organization, as defined in its Deed of Foundation, is to provide financial support to the local governments of the municipalities concerned, their associations, the institutions operating in their administrative areas, and the business organizations with core activities including construction, mechanical, and electrical engineering, and municipal services, supporting the to implement regional development projects, to improve the quality of life, to create job opportunities, and to provide education and training to young people.

The municipalities of Abasár, Bükkábrány, Detk, Domoszló, Halmajugra, Markaz, Mátrafüred (Gyöngyös), Pálosvörösmart, Vécs, and Visonta in the catchment area of MVM Mátra Energia Zrt. are involved in achieving the goals.

In October 2022, we launched our invitation to tender called "Regional Development: Improving the Quality of Life 2022". The ceremony of the signing of the Project Contracts by the beneficiaries took place on the 19th of December 2022 at the official premises of MVM Mátra Energia Zrt.

The tender enabled the municipalities concerned to modernize their energy infrastructures, and in addition, it also helped the implementation of a tree-planting program.

Providing support for local communities and localities is a priority for The Mátra Energy Regional Development Foundation, and it has supported development projects in the past and plans to do so also in the future along these lines.

MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.
As a dominant player in the energy sector, MVM Group pays special attention to providing support to both its wider and narrower environment in issues that are of great importance to this environment. As a member of the Group, MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. strives to achieve this objective through CSR activities directed towards the local communities, in addition to supporting science, culture and sports.

As the second largest group of companies in Hungary, MvM Group attaches great importance to supporting local communities. To this end, Paks Nuclear Power Plant, as the largest employer in the region, strengthens the population of Paks and the region by supporting, embracing and sponsoring local initiatives. With big events such as the summering, Children's Day, the Atomfutás running race or the Open Day, which hosts two settlements in the region every year, the company also strives to make the leisure activities of its employees and the public more colourful and to bring the nuclear power plant closer to the people. The support of the nuclear power plant provides a great help for organising events in Paks (e.g. Gastroblues Festival, Paks National Amateur Pop-Rock-Jazz Festival and Talent Show).

The Group's priority area of support is helping local communities; promoting favourable economic, social and environmental connections among urban, sub-urban and rural areas. As an excellent example, the Paks Nuclear Power Plant has been supporting the development of the region for many years through the Energy of our Future Area Development Foundation (JETA) established in 2011, which indirectly generates new and new developments, thus improving the feeling of comfort of the population. In addition, within the framework of the close cooperation between the Social Monitoring, Information and Urban Development Partnership (TEIT) and the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, TEIT has provided support to sixteen municipalities, also serving the well-being of the population in the region. 

MVM Group has a long tradition of supporting sports, whether it is promoting smaller sports associations or larger clubs. The Atomic Power Plant Sports Club was initially set up to organise sport for the workers involved in the construction of the nuclear power plant, but it has since opened up also to competitive sport and the red and blue club has become a community-building unit for everyone. Visitors to the club can choose from a wide range of movement forms, and with the help of competitive sports - canoe, judo, basketball, chess - the country and the world can get to acquainted with the Paks Nuclear Power Plant sports club.

In the region (e.g. SporTolna triathlon festival, Vital Sports and Recreation Association) and further afield (e.g. Hungarian University Sports Federation - Universiade, BEAC - Carpathian Basin Universities Cup, ELTE TTK running race) and sports associations (Szekszárd Basketball Sports Club, Dunaújváros Central Sports Association), the goal is to promote physical activity and thus a healthier society living a more fulfilling life.

MVM is pleased to commit itself to school programmes, education and research and development as these are investments in the future. Science, innovation and the nuclear power plant go hand in hand, therefore the Nuclear Power Plant considers it important to support universities (e.g. Budapest University of Economics, Óbuda University, University of Pécs), professional colleges and societies (e.g. Graduate Students of Economics, Neumann János Computer Science Society, National Meeting of the Colleges), scientific conferences (e.g. non-destructive testing conference), and through programs held in the Museum of Atomic Energy and off-site lessons in physics, they try to maintain enthusiasm for science and help to keep young people interested in science.

The ceremony of the signing of contracts for projects supported by the Mátra Energy Regional Development Foundation and the handing over of the project plate with the presence of the mayors of local governments and the managers of their institutions.


Communications Directorate, MVM Ltd.