The MVM Group is the Family-Friendly Large Company of 2020
12. 7. 2020

The MVM Group has been given this year’s award in the large company category of the ‘Family-Friendly Company of the Year ‒ at special times’ competition founded by the Three Princes and Three Princesses Movement.

The main patron of the online award ceremony was Katalin Novák, Minister without Portfolio responsible for families, who said that the family was always flexible since family members had to help each other in a variety of situations. Domestic companies, too, have to be able to adapt to this flexibility under the changed circumstances. Family-friendly companies have executives who feel this kind of responsibility because they know that their family-friendly operations also make their employees more committed.

This year, a particularly high number of companies were interested in applying, with more than 100 having registered during the application period. This in itself sent an important message since in this critical year the executives of more companies than ever thought that their family-friendly measures were not part of some kind of luxury activity that could be omitted in a crisis, but were rather key to manage and survive the crisis.

The basic concept of the competition of the MVM Group was that we have a number of good practices at group level and also appreciate the good practices of the member companies, which we strive to share with and adopt from each other.

According to the jury, the MVM Group submitted a very strong application, with a number of unparalleled organisational practices and initiatives, such as the MVM Volunteers closed Facebook group establish for the virus situation, the MVM SE – Exercise at Home! Facebook group or the ‘Resource Bank’ created for our staff on maternity leave at home with their small children.

Details about the award and the award ceremony can be viewed on the following website:

We are proud of the recognition and congratulate the other place winners as well!

Benedek Fluck

Deputy CEO, Chief Human Resources Officer