Mobiliti has won a special award in the Application of the Year competition
1. 21. 2021

MVM Mobiliti Ltd. has received a special award in the Application of the Year category of the Website of the Year competition organised by the Hungarian Marketing Association. Significant improvements were made to Mobiliti’s application last year, making it possible to make the charging process beyond our national borders, in 37 countries, as simple as within Hungary, at nearly 120,000 charging points of more than 280 charging networks in our country and abroad. With this, Mobiliti was the first in the country to be able to make Europe interoperable for e-motorists in addition to Hungary. The application provides full access to Mobiliti customers in order to make it easier to reach even more distant destinations.

One of the most important advantages of the application is that e-motorists can also pay the fee for charging their cars abroad in Hungarian forints via Mobiliti’s settlement system, without pre-charging their accounts. All the customer needs to do is to use the Mobiliti application on all chargers, which avoids the need to download an external service provider’s own application and to go through a lengthy registration process.

Charging can be started with the usual, comfortable Mobiliti application or a Mobiliti customer key even without the application at non-Mobiliti chargers if the given service provider and its chargers support RFID authentication. Thus, a number of other networks, even the IONITY 350 kW ultra-fast charger, can be accessed not only abroad, but also in Hungary.

Since the end of last year, Mobiliti’s whole charging and filling network, including the e-Mobi network, has been available to electric car motorists coming to Hungary from abroad as well as to manufacturers and dealers using electric cars. Thus, a total of nearly 1,400 charging points are available with standard services, for example, owners of Audi e-tron, VW, Mercedes and other car brands can also use Mobiliti’s reliable services.